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    Meet Directors:

    Melissa Nelson (Skydive Chicago)
    Greg Windmiller (Skydive Paraclete XP)

    Chief Judges at Skydive Chicago:

    Accuracy Landing Lucy Mayer
    Artistic Events: Bryce Witcher
    Canopy Formation: Cheryl Michaels
    Formation Skydiving: Rhonda Kaletz
    Speed Skydiving: Ted Chen
    Wingsuiting: Alix Raymond

    Chief Judge at Skydive Paraclete XP

    CP and CPFS: Marylou Laughlin

    Collegiates at Skydive City (Z-Hills):

    Meet Director: Bill Wenger
    Chief Judge: Marylou Laughlin

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    2024 USPA National Collegiate Skydiving Championships

    Collegiate registration: Details coming soon

    Dates: December 28, 2024 to January 2, 2025
    December 28 – Registration (closes at 5pm)
    December 29 – Competition Begins
    January 2 – Competition Ends
    January 2 – Banquet and Awards, after jumping

    Location:Skydive City

    Collegiates Information/Registration Form/Online Waiver:  TBD

    FFI: competition@uspa.org

    USPA National Championships

    Following procedures in the Skydiver’s Competition Manual, the national championships are annually awarded through a bid process by the USPA Board of Directors to USPA Group Member drop zones, who then host the championships under USPA supervision. The format of USPA’s championship events varies from year to year. In some years, all disciplines are combined at a single location, scheduled over a 10-14 day period with events conducted concurrently, usually held in the late fall. In other years, there have been as many as three separate championships. For example, in 2015, USPA held its National Parachuting Championships (Canopy Formation, Canopy Piloting and the Style & Accuracy events), a National Skydiving Championships (Artistic and Formation Skydiving events) and a Wingsuit Flying National Championships. Results are used to select USPA members to participate on U.S. Teams for international competition. The National Championships is USPA’s premiere event, giving the skydiving competitors a safe and fair “playing field in the sky,” the skydiving community in general a place and time to “see and be seen,” manufacturers an opportunity to mingle with skydiving competitors, and finally, a venue for the media and general public to see skydiving at its most exciting and very best.


    The first National Collegiate Parachuting Championships, now named the USPA National Collegiate Skydiving Championships, took place in 1958. USPA has hosted competitions at various locations in the U.S. ever since, promoting safety, competition, sportsmanship, and camaraderie among college skydivers.

    The Collegiates provide a great way for college students, generally limited for funding, to compete in skydiving, and many continue on as competitors after graduation. Many of today’s leaders of the sport got their start as college skydivers.


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