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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Group Membership in USPA provides education that enhances safety, benefits that keep you secure, and resources for your dropzone, including:

Group Membership Manual

Skydiving Aircraft Operations Manual

Initial Application for Group Membership (U.S. Only)

Initial Application for College Clubs (U.S. Only)

Initial Application as an International Affiliate Drop Zone (Non-U.S. Only)

Annual 12 month membership available to skydiving centers, clubs and schools with a mailing address within the United States. Memberships expire in March of every calendar year.

Category I: Skydiving operations that use military aircraft which fall under DOD regulations.

Category II: Skydiving operations that operate routinely with not more than two small aircraft, each with a maximum takeoff weight of less than 6,000 lbs; or professional skydiving and canopy schools that are located at and use aircraft of a current established USPA Group Member.

Category III: Skydiving operations that routinely use more than two small aircraft or one large aircraft, with a maximum takeoff weight of 6,000 lbs. or more; or wind tunnels.

Annual 12 month affiliation available to skydiving centers, clubs and schools with a mailing address outside of the United States and at least one current USPA rated instructor on staff. Memberships expired in December of every calendar year.

Membership Dues

Group Membership
(Locations within the United States)
  Initial Renewing
Category I $330.00 $165.00
Category II $495.00 $330.00
Category III $990.00 $660.00

International Affiliate Drop Zone
(Locations outside of the United States)
  Initial Renewing
Membership $495.00 $330.00

USPA      5401 Southpoint Centre Blvd., Fredericksburg, VA, 22407     (540) 604-9740    M-F 9am-5pm Eastern    (540) 604-9741     uspa@uspa.org

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