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Examiner Standardization Meetings for 2023

USPA conducts Examiner Standardization Meetings every two years. All current Examiners and those who intend to become Examiners must have attended one of these meetings in 2023. The next round of Standardization Meetings will begin January 2025.

The first day of each meeting will be for Coach, Static-Line and IAD Examiners; the second day is for all methods; the third day is for Tandem and AFF Examiners. Coach and Tandem Examiner meetings will be 8 am to noon and Static-Line/IAD and AFF Examiner meetings 1 pm to 5 pm, on their respective days and time zone. Registering for your method automatically registers you for the all-examiner day, schedule for day two of all meetings. Registration and payment in advance are required. The registration fee is $50 per method. Static-line and IAD methods will run concurrently and be charged as one method.   USPA has scheduled four in-person meetings and three Zoom meetings. Examiners who have held the rating for less than four years and individuals aspiring to get their examiner ratings are required to attend in-person meetings. 

Questions should be directed to USPA Director of Safety and Training Ron Bell at Safety@uspa.org.

All Standardization Meetings for 2023 have taken place. If you have been approved to attend a make-up session, you can purchase your access below. The next round of regular Standardization Meetings will begin January 2025.

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