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Group Member Pledge

  • Comply with the USPA Basic Safety Requirements (BSRs), which include compliance with the Federal Aviation Regulations relevant to skydiving operations, including aircraft operations.
  • Ensure that all pilots employed or utilized for the purpose of parachute operations hold at least a commercial pilot certificate and a second-class medical certificate.
  • Ensure that all aircraft utilized for the purpose of parachute operations comply with commercial maintenance requirements described in U.S. Federal Aviation Regulations Part 91.409(a) through (f) as applicable.
  • Ensure skydiving staff of the Group Member (i.e., the undersigned applicant) are appropriately qualified and trained in accordance with the Skydiver's Information Manual and (where applicable) hold current USPA ratings commensurate with their duties.
  • Establish landing procedures that will include separation of high-performance and normal landing areas, such separation may be by location or time. These landing procedures must be prominently displayed and communicated to all jumpers at the drop zone. In normal landing areas, the direction of landing and direction of turns shall be specified and for each normal landing area, turns may only be in one direction.
  • Support USPA promotional programs at the drop zone.
  • Require temporary or regular individual USPA membership of:
    • 1. all U.S. skydivers cleared for self-supervision
    • 2. non-resident foreign nationals who do not have proof of membership in their national aeroclub.
  • Include USPA and manufacturers, distributors and dealers of skydive equipment in the Group Member hold-harmless release, consistent with state laws.
  • Assure that all jumpers are accounted for no later than the close of jumping for the day.



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