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Re: Support Budd Amendment #21 to FAA Reauthorization

Dear Senator, 

I am the owner of [INSERT COMPANY] an aviation business located in [INSERT CITY] and flying out of [INSERT AIRFIELD].  I am writing as a constituent and a member of the United States Parachute Association (USPA), the national organization of over 40,000 skydivers and 250 businesses operating drop zones across the United States.  My company employs [INSERT NUMBER] people and generates approximately [INSERT GROSS REVENUE] revenue annually from recreational skydivers.  This supports our local airfield and economy.

I am writing because Section 315(d) of the Senate FAA Reauthorization bill would require development of onerous maintenance requirements on aircraft used in parachute operations, and redundant proficiency testing and training for commercial pilots that fly skydivers.  This will severely increase operational costs, aircraft downtime, and reduce availability of pilots.  Reduced revenue and increased costs will inevitably force many businesses like mine to stop flying skydivers or close altogether.

Please let Chairwoman Cantwell and Ranking Member Cruz know that you support Budd Amendment #21 striking Sec. 315 of the Senate FAA Reauthorization Bill in Committee. 

  • FAA has stated in official correspondence that there is no data to support these proposals.
  • There is no evidence that these provisions would have prevented past accidents, or are likely to prevent future accidents based on industry trends.
  • Increased costs and reduce revenues will force hundreds of small businesses to close, and further affect hundreds of local airfields.
  • Creates a significant barrier for new entrants and innovators in the skydiving industry, pushing towards elimination of commercial Part 91 operations.
  • Skydiving flights continue to have the safest record of commercial Part 91 aviation (less than 1 accident annually)

Sec. 315 is a solution in search of a problem that will distract the FAA from implementing real safety improvements. 


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I’m the owner of ____________ in [city, state] is [staff name] available?

I’m calling because I own a skydiving business that would be severely impacted by a section in the FAA Reauthorization bill currently before the Commerce Committee.

The subsection on Parachute Safety targets skydiving businesses and would dramatically increase maintenance costs and downtime of aircraft.  This will literally put companies out of business.

It also mandates training and testing that would be redundant for commercial pilots.

These are old ideas that the FAA has studied and rejected because they couldn’t find evidence that they would improve safety.

Skydiving flights have the best safety record in general aviation.

I’d like the Senator to contact Chairwoman Cantwell and Ranking Member Cruz of the Commerce Committee and tell them to SUPPORT BUDD AMENDMENT #21

The Amendment would strip the Air Tour and Sport Parachuting section from the FAA Reauthorization.  (Sec. 315)


USPA      5401 Southpoint Centre Blvd., Fredericksburg, VA, 22407     (540) 604-9740    M-F 9am-5pm Eastern    (540) 604-9741     uspa@uspa.org

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