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Professional Exhibition (PRO) Ratings

The USPA PRO Rating qualifies skydivers for skydiving exhibitions into challenging landing areas. To earn the PRO rating, skydivers with a USPA D license must demonstrate landing skills with the parachute they plan to use for shows and receive training on how to use flags and pyrotechnic devices.

The PRO Rating is recognized by the FAA and serves as a certificate of proficiency to allow the rating holder to fly and land closer to crowds than jumpers who have not demonstrated these qualifications. PRO rating privileges are listed in the Skydiver's Information Manual, Section 7-1. The standard PRO rating limits skydivers to wing-loadings of 1.5:1 and below. Those qualifying for an additional HP (High Performance) endorsement on their PRO rating allows wing-loadings greater than 1.5:1.

More details on the PRO rating are available in the Skydiver's Information Manual, Section 7-2.

FAA Authorization

Most exhibition jumps where spectators are involved require special authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration. To issue a Certificate of Authorization, the FAA requires the completion of FAA Form 7711-2. Some FSDOs want to see details provided in this attachment as well. The form, the attachment, and its instructions are available under the Quick Links module on this page. Additional information can be found in Section 7 of the SIM.

Sporting Event Waivers

Pursuant to 14 CFR section 99.7, and as described by FDC NOTAM 4/3621, aviation activity is restricted within three miles and 3,000 feet over major raceway events, major league baseball, NFL football, and college football games in stadiums that can seat more than 30,000. Demo jumps into these events require a waiver issued by the Transportation Security Administration in addition to the FAA-issued Certificate of Authorization. Jumpers seeking TSA/FAA waivers should complete the waiver application.

Demo Jump Insurance

Third-party liability and property damage skydiving insurance included with USPA membership does not cover demo jumps. Demo insurance must be purchased separately for the member to be covered.

USPA members can obtain exhibition jump insurance for demos. Costs vary according to the amount of coverage desires and the length in days of the event. A demo insurance application and notification form is available for download below. For additional information, visit Kimmel Aviation Insurance Agency, Inc.

Contact Info

For questions about exhibition jumps, PRO ratings, demo insurance, FAA authorizations and restrictions, and other information pertaining to demo jumps, call USPA at (540) 604-9740, or email one of the following:


USPA      5401 Southpoint Centre Blvd., Fredericksburg, VA, 22407     (540) 604-9740    M-F 9am-5pm Eastern    (540) 604-9741     uspa@uspa.org

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