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Renewing your USPA membership or ratings or license...

"I need to renew my membership!"

Annual USPA memberships renew at the end of the month after you join or renew and are available to renew as early as 90 days before they expire so you don't experience any lapse in your membership. If you renew early, your membership cycle does not change. In other words, you get another 12-month membership that begins as soon as your current one ends. Login now to see if it's time for you to renew!

"But my membership has already expired!"

No problem! Just login and renew again. There is no penalty for renewing your USPA membership after expiration. Login now to become a USPA member again!

"I need to renew my license!"

Licenses do not need to be renewed... only your membership does. Licenses that you have earned are valid as long as you also hold a current USPA membership. So, just login and make sure your membership is current!

"I also need to renewing my ratings..."

We got you covered! You can renew your ratings and membership and the same time. If you are a current rating holder, remember to renew early! If you allow your membership and all of your ratings expire, there is an additional $40 fee to renew your expired ratings. So, renew as soon as you can! If you use the online renewal process, you also must have the rating renewal activity you've finished verified online by the appropriate verifying official. You can have your verifiers mark your activities complete as soon as you do them, and your verifications will be waiting for you when you're ready to renew. Even if you do not have all of your ratings ready to renew, it's a good idea to renew your membership and the ratings that are ready so you avoid the expired late fee. You only incur this late fee if all of your ratings expire. Just login and see if it's time for your renewal yet!

"I need to renew just one of my instructional ratings...."

If you need to come back and renew just one of your ratings that you allowed to expire, you can do that as well, and at no cost if you have already paid your rating renewal fee for the year! Just login and get started!


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