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Building and Training a Competetive Team - Webinar with Dan B.C.

Mixed Formation Skydiving Resources:

MFS Cloud League on Facebook

AXIS Flight School's MFS Draw Generator

AXIS Flight School's YouTube videos of the MFS Open Blocks

AXIS Articles on MFS Vertical Compressed exit , Double 69 exit, MFS Video Strategy, MFS Block 10, MFS Totem, Sole to Sole

The Next Big Thing--Mixed Formation Skydiving is Ready to Take Over the World

Vertical Formation Skydiving Resources:

AXIS Flight School's YouTube videos of the VFS Open Blocks

AXIS Flight School's VFS Draw Generator

AXIS Articles on VFS: Block 4, Block 8, VFS Camera Tips

4-way Formation Skydiving Resources:

Rhythm Skydiving 401 App and YouTube videos on Debriefing and Intro to 4-way Exits

AXIS Flight School's YouTube playlist of the Open Class blocks

British Skydiving's video on progressing in 4-way

AXIS Articles on Open Accordion Exit, Spinning Cat Piece, Side Buddies, A Guide to Filming 4-way, Taking Grips

Online Article: Teaching 4-way Fundamentals to New Jumpers

On the Line: Succeeding at 4-Way: Six-Part Series by Dan B.C. 
Part 1: Understanding Your Game and Selecting Your Team

Part 2: Understanding the Different Positions

Part 3: Building the Foundation with Random Drills

Part 4: Block Training with Stage Drills

Part 5: Jump Preparation - Dirt Diving and Debriefing

Part 6: Putting it all Together

8-way Formation Skydiving Resources:

AXIS FLight School's YouTube playlist of 8-way open blocks

16-way Formation Skydiving Resources:

AXIS Flight School's YouTube playlist of 16-way blocks

Artistic Events Resources:

XP Ascend has a website dedicated to AE. Here you can find resources for Freeflying and Freestyle. 

Facebook Group: AE Corner

Pure Expression - Learning Artistic Freestyle

Getting Into Artistic Freestyle and Freefly Skydiving Webinar

Canopy Formation Resources:

YouTube aka CRWtube

Wingsuit Flying Resources:
Fly Like Brick's Acrobatic Maneuvers on YouTube

Performance wingsuit flying webinar

Squirrel articles on wingsuit speed, wingsuit deployments, and wingsuit canopy openings

Speed Skydiving Resources:
USPA Webinar

Facebook Page

The New Lawn Darts - Speed Skydiving Comes of Age

Canopy Piloting Resources:

Swoop League
AXIS Flight School's Front Riser Technique video

Getting Started in CP Competition webinar

Accuracy Landing Resources:

The Classics: Style & Accuracy



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