Women Set Virginia Head-Down Record During SIS Event
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Sunday, June 16, 2024
Women Set Virginia Head-Down Record During SIS Event

Women Set Virginia Head-Down Record During SIS Event

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Above: Eleven jumpers set the Virginia Women’s Record for Largest Head-Down Formation Skydive. Photo by Matthew Fry.

The soon-to-be record holders exit over Skydive Orange. Photo by Matthew Fry.

The organizers of the SIStravaganza, the Sisters in Skydiving event at Skydive Orange in Virginia May 19-21, continued the momentum created by the Project 19 Head-Down World Record event hosted by Skydive Arizona in Eloy last year by adding state head-down record attempts to their plans for the boogie. Jazmyne Kahler of Fuzion Flight traveled from California to put together the attempts, bringing with her the Project 19 spirit that encourages women to lead bold, brave lives. The ladies gathered at the DZ ready to flex their vertical big-way skills and carry on the Project 19 mission.

At first, low cloud layers and a storm front caused delays (and even one ride down with the plane), but the women were patient and determined. The next day, the clouds parted and blue skies invited them to try again. On just their second official attempt from 14,000 feet out of a Twin Otter piloted by John Apisson, the 11 women elegantly created their formation and triumphantly held it for 10 seconds, more than doubling the 5-way Virginia Women’s Record for Largest Head-Down Formation set 10 years ago.

David Cherry, Matthew Fry and Bobby Page flew video during the attempts, and Fry also served as onsite judge. Monica Noncheva, who was part of the record team, acted as Safety and Training Advisor for the group.

The record was a first for Dana Bjorn, who said, “As a young skydiver, the Project 19 movement has been a huge inspiration. This sport means the world to me, and pushing the frontier with other likeminded women is a dream come true. I feel that the Virginia women’s record couldn’t have been a better place to start!”

Everyone celebrated the group’s achievement at the SIS event’s Saturday night party, where three of the record holders won free jumps during the Fabulous Catwalk Contest. The ladies continued the weekend with sequential and head-up jumps in preparation for more upcoming records.

Kiara Baugh and Monica Noncheva
C-40518 and D-36387
Spring Valley, California and Fairfax, Virginia

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