The Castaway Boogie—Skydive Puerto Rico in Arecibo
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Sunday, June 16, 2024
The Castaway Boogie—Skydive Puerto Rico in Arecibo

The Castaway Boogie—Skydive Puerto Rico in Arecibo

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Above: Lindsay Waters finds the photographer out of the corner of her eye.

Photos by Anthony Armendariz.

Skydive Puerto Rico in Arecibo hosted Castaway: Puerto Rico February 14-18 with the help of co-organizer Skydive Chicago. With just under 400 participants and wonderful weather, along with two SDC Twin Otters and SDPR’s Caravan, the event sent over 40 loads to the beach and more than 100 over the drop zone. During the boogie, load organizers also put together Puerto Rico Records for Largest Formation Skydive (33-way), Largest Head-Down Formation (19-way) and Largest Women’s Head-Down Formation (8-way)!

Boogie participants spent time enjoying the island both while jumping and during the downtime, which led the event management team to tentatively explore returning to Puerto Rico in February 2026. “This was my first boogie,” said one visiting jumper. “The skydiving brought us all together, but honestly it was more just hanging out and partying with everyone that really topped things off!”

Tracey Holman | D-36966
Shorewood, Illinois


The FS record completes over Skydive Puerto Rico.



The 19-way head-down record comes together.


33 skydivers try hard not to be distracted by the scenery while attempting an FS record.


The female record holders pose before boarding the load and tearing up the sky.

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