USPA Summer Board Meeting Concludes
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Saturday, July 20, 2024

USPA Summer Board Meeting Concludes

Membership Services
Sunday, July 23, 2017

The USPA Board of Directors held its summer meeting July 21-23 in Seattle, Washington. Following are meeting highlights:

  • The board voted to raise individual and introductory membership dues, rating fees and Group Member dues effective January 1, 2018, to the following:
    • Individual membership (new)–$78
    • Individual membership (renewing)–$66
    • Individual membership (introductory)–$30
    • PRO rating (new)–$80
    • PRO rating (renewing)–$20
    • Coach rating–$45
    • AFF, static-line, IAD, tandem ratings (new)–$60
    • Instructional rating renewals–$40
    • Group Member dues increase–20%
  • The board changed the Group Member pledge so that Group Member drop zones must now require individual USPA memberships once a student is cleared for self-supervision.
  • Beginning November 1, USPA will no longer be involved in indoor skydiving by supporting indoor skydiving national championships or selecting U.S. Teams for international indoor skydiving competitions. USPA will seek to cooperate with any emerging national governing body for tunnel flying.
  • The board determined that any aircraft used for high-altitude or wingsuit distance or time skydiving records must comply with all Federal Aviation Regulations related to that aircraft for the record to be valid.
  • Effective immediately, the board increased the required number of evaluation jumps to obtain a Coach Examiner rating to 25.
  • Effective immediately, the Safety & Training Committee will review all proficiency cards for candidates seeking a Coach Examiner or Instructor Examiner rating.
  • The board awarded the USPA Gold Medal for Meritorious Service to Mark Baur, USPA #9091; Ben Crowell, USPA #73563; and Chuck Karcher, USPA #27444.
  • The board awarded the USPA Regional Achievement Award to DeWayne Bruette, USPA #812; Harry Ervin, USPA #555; Miles Hubbard, USPA #1697; and Marilyn Wuest, USPA #56785, and Doug Wuest, USPA #57623.

The USPA Board will next meet March 2-4 in San Antonio, Texas.

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