USPA Board Withdraws from Indoor Skydiving
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Saturday, July 13, 2024

USPA Board Withdraws from Indoor Skydiving

Industry News
Wednesday, July 26, 2017
Beginning November 1, USPA will no longer be involved in indoor skydiving by supporting indoor skydiving national championships or selecting U.S. Teams for international indoor skydiving competitions. USPA will seek to cooperate with any emerging national governing body for tunnel flying.

Board of Directors Resolution

In Plenary, 23 July 2017 

Expressing the position of the United States Parachute Association with regards to “indoor skydiving” and delineating the role of the Association going forward.

WHEREAS, the International Parachuting Commission created a Class G airsport called “indoor skydiving” at its 2014 plenary meeting, and;

WHEREAS, such “indoor skydiving” exists solely within vertical wind tunnels, and;

WHEREAS, such tunnel flight fails to meet the USPA definition of skydiving, and;

WHEREAS, the membership of the Association has made its collective opinion known to the Directors through various informal methods, and;

WHEREAS, the participants in tunnel flying currently lack a National Governing Body to represent their interests on the national and international level,


Effective 1 November 2017, the United States Parachute Association will not use Association resources to support the sport of “indoor skydiving,” except to nominate International Judges to such IPC events as appropriate. USPA will seek to encourage, foster, and cooperate with any emerging national governing body for tunnel flying.


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