U.S. Parachute Team Seeking Volunteers!
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Sunday, June 16, 2024
U.S. Parachute Team Seeking Volunteers!

U.S. Parachute Team Seeking Volunteers!

Friday, December 16, 2022

Are you interested in skydiving competition and looking to support the U.S. Parachute Team in a substantive way? If so, then consider applying to become a volunteer team manager or head of delegation.  

USPA is looking to fill head of delegation positions for each 2023 World Cup location. The head of delegation serves as the official onsite U.S. spokesperson at events, coordinates communication between all parties and handles much of the required paperwork. USPA is also looking for individual team managers for each discipline (Accuracy Landing, Artistic Events, Canopy Formation, Canopy Piloting, Formation Skydiving, Speed Skydiving and Wingsuit Flying). Team managers—which also travel with their teams to the events—are responsible for all logistics and practicalities before, during and after competitions. 

The 2023 events are: 

  • FAI World Cups of Wingsuit Flying and Speed Skydiving, August 19-25 in Prostejov, Czech Republic 
  • FAI World Cups of Formation Skydiving and Artistic Events, August 22-26 in Voss, Norway 
  • FAI World Cup of Canopy Piloting and Freestyle Canopy Piloting, November 7-12 at Skydive Arizona in Eloy 
  • FAI World Cup of Freefall Style and Accuracy Landing, date and location TBD 
  • FAI World Cup of Canopy Formation, TBD 

The head of delegation and team manager positions are unpaid volunteer positions (USPA does provide a stipend to help offset expenses) and are integral to the success of our U.S. athletes on the world stage. The role is challenging—it requires great leadership ability and organizational skills, as well as basic knowledge of competition rules. It is also very rewarding—you get to spend time with top athletes from around the world and immerse yourself in competition, all while supporting your U.S. Parachute Team in a direct and valuable way.  

In-depth information about each position is available in the Skydiver’s Competition Manual, Chapter 4. Individuals who are interested in filling one of the positions should email a letter of interest to competition@uspa.org

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1 comments on article "U.S. Parachute Team Seeking Volunteers!"

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Rick Poplinger

12/22/2022 7:33 PM

Interested in the volunteer scenario.

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