U.S. Teams Compete at FAI World Cups
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Sunday, June 16, 2024
U.S. Teams Compete at FAI World Cups

U.S. Teams Compete at FAI World Cups

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Above: U.S. Speed and Wingsuit teams.

The U.S. Speed Skydiving Team (Niklas Daniel, Matthew Fry, Logan Mahone, Brianne Thompson, Montana Miller and Joel Williamson), U.S. Wingsuit Performance Flying Team (Alexey Galda, Joe Ridler, Daniel White and Marcelo Zoni) and U.S. Wingsuit Acrobatic Flying Team (Flatspin: Travis Mickle, Jeffrey Harrigan and Nicholas Maieritsch) are competing in the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (World Air Sports Federation) World Cups in Prostejov, Czech Republic, August 19-25. Competition takes place August 21-24, with the awards ceremony and banquet on the 25th. Those who are interested in following the scores may visit http://results.worldskydiving.org/FrontEnd/CompetitionCollection/1047 


Voss, Norway, is hosting the FAI World Cups of Formation Skydiving and Artistic Events. Competition takes place August 22-25, with the awards ceremony and banquet on the 26th. Johnny Gunn is serving as the team manager and head of delegation. Those who are interested may follow the scores at http://results.worldskydiving.org/FrontEnd/CompetitionCollection/1049

Four 4-way formation skydiving teams are representing the U.S. at the World Cup: USA 1/Arizona Airspeed (David French, Niklas Hemlin, Christopher Kuhlmann, Mikhail Markine and Joseph Marshall), USA 2/SDC Rhythm XP (Douglas Barron, Keith Conner, Steven Loufek, Charles McGee and Christopher Webb), USA 3/SDMW NEXT (Gorka Amian, Tom Barr, Megan George, Katie Healy, Brian Nasset and Greg Oldendick) and USA 4/Lightspeed XP (Taylor Buffington, Shannon Catalano, James Hall, Matthew Hunt and Brandon Kashani). In addition, two teams are representing the U.S. in 4-way female FS: USA 1/XPG4 (Jeana Billings, Anna Brunner, Michelle Karamon, Joss Martin and Brenn Richards) and USA 2/SNE FlyGirls (Nicole Bedard, Jennifer Cook, Monique Lai, Jill Lavacchia and Brooke Saunders)

Three U.S. 8-way FS teams are attending the event: USA 1/GKXP8 (Chris Bess, Jeana Billings, Nicholas Birkner, Michael Connors, John D'Annunzio, Matthew Davidson, Andrew Happick, Andrew Starr, Jeshua Stahler, Mitchell Stockenberg and Kirk Verner), USA 2/Prison 9 (Gorka Amian, Brian Ball, Doug Barron, Keith Conner, Douglas Hendrix, Greg Oldendick, Scott Latinis, Charles McGee and Christopher Webb) and USA 3/Bra Nok XP (Anna Brunner, Shannon Catalano, James Hall, Katie Healy, Kim Hollander, Matthew Hunt, Carl Kallgren IV, Brandon Kashani, Joss Martin and Chris Normandeau).

USA 1/SDC Core (Chip Keating, Sam Lendle, Jason Russell, Nicole Senecal and Stephanie Strange) and USA 2/SDMW Chemtrails (Kyle Brady, Matthew Congdon, Colin Conway, Keith George and Nathan Norem) are representing the U.S. in vertical formation skydiving.

In artistic events, three freestyle teams are representing the U.S.: USA 1/XP Ascend (Jason Brigmon and Jake Carlton), USA 2/XP Vision (Anthony Armendariz and Christopher Bess) and USA 3/Human Aerodynamics (Samantha Gildersleeve and Michael Sopko). The U.S. did not field any freefly teams.

Keep up with the action on the SkydiveUSPA Instagram and Facebook pages as the team managers send in updates!


U.S. VFS Team

U.S. Formations Skydiving and Artistic Event teams.

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