Members Can Now Purchase Licenses and Ratings Online
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Monday, May 20, 2024
Members Can Now Purchase Licenses and Ratings Online

Members Can Now Purchase Licenses and Ratings Online

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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

February 8: Members can now purchase new ratings online and access their information in the Online Course Manager by visiting the "Education" page of their member profile.

January 26: Members can now purchase their licenses online. Online exams are currently not available, but should be soon.

January 16: Rating holders can now renew their ratings and membership at the same time through the website. Ratings can also be renewed alone providing membership is current and all requirements are verified online.

Merit is fully functioning and synced. 

Dropzone registration for safety day is now open. Go to to register.


December 20: Merit, a company that provides digital credentials to USPA members who opt in to their service, is currently having difficulty connecting their services to USPA’s new database. The company is working to quickly solve the problem, but in the meantime, users can access their credentials through their profile at Drop zones can also look up member information through their credentials page. 

December 13: After migrating more than five-million member records to its improved database and performing extensive testing and crosstesting, USPA has launched its new website and re-opened many online member services on schedule. The starred items below even opened far earlier than planned! Users may now log in (after setting a new password) and:  

  • Create an account and join USPA 

  • Renew USPA membership 

  • Apply for or renew an International Affiliate Drop Zone membership  

  • Submit incident reports  

  • Access the Online Course Manager* 

  • Verify rating renewal activity* 

  • Verify license application activity* 

  • Submit event listings* 

  • Donate* 

  • Register for Sisters in Skydiving* 

Now and throughout the transition, members were able to access the online credential lookup; view their accounts and print their membership cards; look up judges, examiners and DZs; and view judge activity reports.    

The following features will soon phase back in, and USPA will update this page as each function is available: 

  • New license applications (including online exams)   

  • New rating applications 

  • Rating renewals 

  • B-license proficiency cards 

  • Safety and Training Advisor library testing 

Members who need assistance may contact, call (540) 604-9740 or use the site’s live chat feature (available 9 a.m.-5 p.m. EST).  

December 9: USPA staff continues to review all integrated data and perform detailed testing of each process of the new database and website. Membership Services has started to manually process submitted paper applications. We appreciate your continued patience during this transition.

December 1: All database services are temporarily unavailable to USPA members.  You may only view your account during the data transfer. Please call 540-604-9740 or email for assistance.

In mid-December, USPA will launch a redesigned website that will be more user-friendly and have an updated look and feel. As part of this project, USPA is also updating and improving the functionality of its database. We are excited that our new website will provide a vastly improved member experience, but it does mean that we will need to shut down some functions while we make the transition.

Anyone who anticipates needing to utilize the USPA database (e.g., access their account online to renew membership or ratings, sign off others’ ratings, apply for licenses, etc.) in early December should take care of those tasks before the end of November if at all possible. Plan ahead to avoid delays! Those whose membership or ratings expire at the end of November should take special care to renew on time. Check your renewal dates and renew early to prevent any interruptions to your credentials.

Starting November 30 at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, members will be able to view but not make changes or additions to their accounts online.

The following features will remain available through the transition:

  • Online credential lookup
  • View and print your membership card
  • View your account
  • Judge lookup
  • Examiner lookup
  • DZ lookup
  • Judge activity report

Following the website transition, members will need to reset their passwords. We are prioritizing restoring the most frequently used features of member accounts. Features that will be unavailable but restored prior to December 12 (we’re anticipating that it will be sooner) are:

  • Joining USPA
  • Renewing USPA membership
  • International Affiliate drop zone renewals and applications
  • Incident report submissions

Following the initial reinstatement of the above features, USPA will phase in the features below one at a time, as efficiently as possible:

  • New license applications (including online exams)
  • Online Course Manager
  • New rating applications
  • Rating renewals
  • B-license proficiency cards
  • Safety and Training Advisor library testing
  • Event listing submissions
  • Donations
  • Sisters in Skydiving registration
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