U.S. Wins Bid to Host 2024 ISC Meeting and Rees Elected ISC Vice President
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Saturday, July 13, 2024
U.S. Wins Bid to Host 2024 ISC Meeting and Rees Elected ISC Vice President

U.S. Wins Bid to Host 2024 ISC Meeting and Rees Elected ISC Vice President

Industry News
Monday, February 6, 2023

From front: Marylou Laughlin, Amanda Smalley, Albert Berchtold, Jim Rees, Larry Hill and Randy Connell attend the ISC meeting in Malmo, Sweden.

Several representatives from the United States attended the International Skydiving Commission of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale’s meeting in Malmo, Sweden, January 28-29. New England Regional Director Jim Rees served as USPA’s official delegate, and Executive Director Albert Berchtold served as alternate delegate. Official on-site observers from the U.S. included Scott Callantine, Randy Connell, Michael Cooper, National Director Larry Hill, Marylou Laughlin and Director of Competition Amanda Smalley.  

During the meeting, the United States won the bid to host the 74th FAI/ISC Plenary Meeting in 2024 in Orlando, Florida. The plenary meeting is where delegates from around the world meet to debrief world competitions and records and discuss rule changes and bids for future world skydiving events. The U.S. has not hosted this meeting since 2001.  

Also at the Malmo meeting, Rees was nominated for and accepted the position of ISC Vice President.  In addition, the ISC added Berchtold and Rees to its approved and qualified list of jurors.  

As it always does following ISC meetings, the USPA Board will discuss ISC-approved rules changes at its next meeting, which will be in Reno, Nevada, February 24-26.  

USPA Executive Director Albert Berchtold and USPA New England Regional Director and ISC Vice President Jim Rees.

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