USPA Summer Board Meeting Concludes


The summer meeting of the USPA Board of Directors concluded Sunday, July 24, in Alexandria, Virginia, after a busy three days. Below are some of the meeting highlights:  

  • The board awarded the 2015 USPA Lifetime Achievement Award to Lee Schlichtemeier, USPA #72215.
  • The board awarded the 2015 USPA Gold Medal for Meritorious Service to Bill Jones, USPA #4411, and Rob Laidlaw, USPA #89587.
  • The board awarded the following 2015 USPA Regional Achievement Awards: David Clark Cohen, #177778 (Foreign Region); Randy Hamberlin, #137980 (Mid-Atlantic Region); Ken Newman, #110876, and Randy Sherman, #83562 (Northeast Region); Don Solberg, #656 (North Central Region); and Brianne Thompson, USPA #164424 (Mountain Region).
  • In canopy formation at the USPA Nationals, a 2-way pro-am event will replace the 2-way advanced-class sequential event starting in 2017.
  • Starting in 2017, the USPA Nationals will include one co-ed event in individual classic accuracy, rather than separate events for men and women.
  • Starting this year, the National Collegiate Parachuting Championships will include a team event in sport accuracy, eliminating the team event in classic accuracy.
  • Starting this year, wind limits for all events at the Wingsuit Flying Nationals will be 9 meters per second.
  • The board modified the Basic Safety Requirement related to wingsuit fly-bys to read, "Freefall within 500 feet vertically or horizontally of any student under parachute, including tandem students, is prohibited. Freefall within 500 feet vertically or horizontally of any licensed skydiver under canopy requires prior planning and agreement between the canopy pilot and the skydiver in freefall."

On Saturday evening, the USPA Board, staff and dozens of USPA members gathered at USPA Headquarters in Fredericksburg, Virginia, to celebrate the association’s 70th anniversary. The evening included a demo jump into the headquarters grounds by the U.S. Army Golden Knights and the dedication of the headquarters building as the “Christopher J. Needels National Skydiving Headquarters” on the 10-year anniversary of USPA’s relocation to Fredericksburg.

The USPA Board next meets February 10-12 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in conjunction with the USPA Drop Zone Operators’ Conference and the Parachute Industry Association Symposium.

Look for a complete report in the September issue of Parachutist.