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Category H

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CAT H dive flows


play video Dive Plan: Dive to Dock

  • Exit from the door one second after the coach.
  • Present belly to wind in the slow fall position and maintain it for two seconds.
  • Coach establishes fall rate and holds heading.
  • Turn toward coach.
  • Dive and stop level ten to 20 feet out.
  • Altitude check every five seconds.
  • Approach and take grips.
  • Altitude permitting, coach dives to a point 50 to 100 feet laterally and 20 to 40 feet below.
  • Follow and repeat docking procedure.
  • Break off at 5,000 feet.
  • Coach remains in place and evaluates track.
  • Wave off and deploy by 3,000 feet.

play video USPA A-License Check Dive Flow

  • Spot.
  • Choose a comfortable exit.
  • Perform a 360-degree turn to the right and left, and backloop.
  • The evaluator moves 20 feet from the candidate and level.
  • Dock on the evaluator.
  • Initiate breakoff and track a minimum of 100 feet.
  • Wave off and pull by 3,000 feet.
  • Follow your pre-selected landing pattern.


  • Disassemble, clean, and reassemble a three-ring riser release system.
  • Replace or adjust a main closing loop.
  • play video Check altitude, position, and traffic.
  • Perform an on-heading front riser dive (keep toggles in hand).
  • Check altitude, position, and traffic.
  • Perform a 90-degree front riser turn (keep toggles in hand).
  • Check altitude, position, and traffic.
  • Perform a 180-degree front riser turn (keep toggles in hand).
  • Check position and altitude.
  • Enter a front riser turn, let up halfway and begin the turn again (keep toggles in hand).
  • Complete all front riser maneuvers by 2,000 feet.
  • Coach measures your landing distance from a planned target.

Refer to SIM Section 3-2 for complete instructions on conducting the USPA A-license examination and check dive. This jump must be evaluated by a USPA Instructor or Instructor Examiner.