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Category F

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Category at a Glance

Advancement Criteria

Exit and Freefall
  • cumulative three tracking sequences: track for five seconds within 30 degrees of the planned heading, turn 180 degrees, and track back for five seconds
  • two clear and pulls (already accomplished by former IAD and static-line students)
  • cumulative four 180-degree turns under canopy while flying in deep brakes
  • braked approach and landing on a canopy that allows for a safe braked landing
  • cumulative two unassisted landings within 82 feet of the planned target (jumps from previous categories count toward accuracy requirements)


  • one complete pack job with assistance
  • perform a pre-jump equipment check on another jumper fully rigged and ready to jump


Spotting and Aircraft
  • spot the aircraft, including all procedures, with minimum assistance


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