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Category at a Glance

Advancement Criteria

Exit and Freefall
  • cumulative two successive disorienting maneuvers with stability and altitude awareness recovered within five seconds

    Note: Once this requirement is met and you have received the endorsement of a USPA Instructor in your training discipline, your training may be supervised by any USPA Instructor. You may then self-supervise in freefall, but remain under USPA Instructor supervision. A USPA instructional rating holder should accompany you in the aircraft to verify the correct spot, clearance from clouds and aircraft, exit separation, and your position in the line-up.

  • cumulative one barrel roll, one backloop, and one front loop
  • one self-supervised freefall
  • unassisted landing within 165 feet


  • complete open parachute system orientation
  • RSL orientation


Spotting and Aircraft
  • correct calculation of the opening point given simple wind conditions
  • active participation with spotting procedures on jump run


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