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Category C

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Category at a Glance

Advancement Criteria

Exit and Freefall

AFF Students

  • demonstrate the ability to freefall safely with one AFF Instructor
  • stable solo deployment at assigned altitude

IAD and Static-Line Students

  • one stable clear and pull
  • two stable ten-second freefalls

All Students

  • control within five seconds of exit
  • stable, relaxed fall
  • ability to dampen turns and heading drift using “altitude, arch, legs, relax”
  • wave-off and pull at the assigned altitude
  • fly a recognizable pattern with minimal assistance
  • flare with minimal assistance


Spotting and Aircraft
  • understanding of how to plan and adjust the landing pattern for wind speed and direction


oral quiz

Book Stuff

  • review BSRs on equipment required for student jumps, SIM Section 2-1.M.2 — 5
  • study FAR 105.43.b.1 (SIM Section 9-1) regarding the requirements for periodic inspection and repacking of reserve parachute systems
  • discuss with the drop zone owner the ramifications of off-field landings, both legal and from a neighbor and public relations perspective
  • read the canopy owner’s manual