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Category B

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Category at a Glance

Advancement Criteria

Exit and Freefall

AFF and Tandem Students

  • stability within ten seconds of exiting the aircraft
  • maintain correct body position for stability throughout, including leg awareness and control
  • assisted deployment within 500 feet of the assigned altitude
  • in addition, tandem students complete the solo first-jump course

IAD and Static-Line Students

  • three successive exits with stable practice deployments within five seconds of exit
  • understanding and planning descent strategy from opening to pattern entry and pattern principles
  • steering including clearing airspace (looking before turning) without prompting (self-evaluated)
  • assisted flare for a safe landing within 30 degrees of heading into the wind


  • understanding routine canopy problems and the correct responses


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*Note: For reasons of safety, AFF, static line, or IAD students who do not complete the flaring and landing advancement criteria in Category B should be recommended for tandem or other comprehensive canopy training. If all other Category B advancement criteria have been met, the student may satisfy Category B canopy skills in another discipline and then advance to Category C in the preferred discipline.