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Category B

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CAT B dive flows


play video AFF

  • Exit in a relaxed arch.
  • Instructors release arm grips.
  • Circle of Awareness.
  • Practice deployments until comfortable.
  • Altitude, arch, legs, relax.
  • Extend legs for three seconds and hold.
  • Altitude, arch, legs, relax.
  • Repeat as altitude permits.
  • Team turns (if trained).
  • Begin wave off at 5,500 feet.
  • Pull by 4,500 feet.


  • Check deployment device prior to climbout.
  • Climb out.
  • Exit on command with legs extended.
  • Practice deployment with count to track time.
  • Check canopy.


  • Initiate count after instructor's OK.
  • Exit in a relaxed arch.
  • Altitude, arch, legs, relax.
  • Practice deployment until smooth and comfortable.
  • Altitude, arch, legs, relax.
  • Extend legs and hold for three seconds.
  • Altitude, arch, legs, relax.
  • Repeat as altitude permits or turns (if trained).
  • Begin wave-off by 6,000 feet.
  • Pull by 5,500 feet.
  • play video Release brakes and correct routine problems.
  • Look left, turn left.
  • Look right, turn right.
  • Flare.
  • Check altitude, position, and traffic.
  • Find landing area and pattern entry point.
  • Divide flight path by thousands of feet.
  • Instructor explains minor canopy problems and remedies (tandem only).
  • Look at runway and determine compass heading.
  • Steer over correct portion of flight path until 1,000 feet.
  • Look for obstacles around landing area.
  • Follow pre-assigned pattern over landing area or alternate.
  • Flare to land and PLF if necessary.
Instructor Notes

The instructor must consider carefully before advancing students more quickly than the recommended progression during the rudimentary skills training in Categories A-C. Repetition of fewer skills during the initial categories improves success in later categories and leads to higher overall satisfaction for the student.