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Category A

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Category at a Glance

Advancement Criteria

Exit and Freefall

AFF and Tandem Students

  • reasonable arch and stability within ten seconds prior to planned deployment altitude
  • reasonable altitude awareness
  • initiate deployment procedures within 1,000 feet of the assigned altitude

IAD and Static-Line Students

  • establish an arch and reasonable control after exit
  • plan and execute canopy descent and landing pattern with assistance
  • assisted flare for a safe landing within 60 degrees of correct landing direction
  • land within 330 feet of the planned landing area, spot permitting

*Note: For reasons of safety, AFF, IAD, or static-line students who do not complete the flaring and landing advancement criteria on the first jump should be recommended for tandem or other comprehensive canopy training. If all other Category A advancement criteria have been met, the student may satisfy Category A canopy skills in another discipline and then advance to Category B in the preferred discipline.


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