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8-3: Performance awards

A. Awards for skydiving skill

The performance awards program is an international awards program of the United States Parachute Association.

  1. Canopy formation performance awards
    1. These awards recognize each applicant’s progression towards higher levels of canopy control, maneuverability, and proficiency.
    2. In receiving and exhibiting these awards, the recipient agrees to exercise good judgement and wisdom in promoting safe canopy relative work among his or her peers, among those less experienced than himself or herself, and toward observers of the sport.

B. Prerequisites

  1. Each applicant must be either a current USPA member or a member of another FAI Aero Club.
  2. Jumps used to qualify for these awards are to comply with the USPA Basic Safety Requirements.

C. Canopy award categories

  1. The 4-Stack Award is available for building a canopy formation of four or more canopies.
  2. The CCR (Canopy Crest Recipient) or 8-Stack Award is available for building a canopy formation of eight or more canopies.
  3. The CCS (Canopy Crest Solo) Award is available for entering eighth or later in a complete eight-canopy or larger formation.
  4. Night versions of each of these awards are available for those who have completed these formations at night.

D. Qualifications

  1. The formations completed for this award may come from the USPA Skydiver’s Competition Manual or may be other recognizable formations.
  2. All formations must be planned in advance.
  3. All participants must be in position and on grips for the formation to be considered complete.
  4. The completed formation must be held for a minimum of ten seconds.

E. Application

Send the completed application to:
USPA Headquarters
5401 Southpoint Centre Blvd.
Fredericksburg, VA 22407
or fax to (540) 604-9741 and include:

  1. the applicant’s name as it is to appear on official certificates
  2. the location of the jump: city, state, country (if not USA)
  3. diagram or name of each completed formation
  4. a list of the other participants (signatures not required)
  5. the date of the jump that qualified the applicant for the award
  6. the holding time for the formation
  7. the award applied for
  8. the appropriate fee for the award and any additional materials requested, such as decals, pins, or additional certificates