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8-2: Achievement Awards

A. Achievement awards for jump experience

  1. These two types of freefall awards are intended to provide a special kind of recognition to those United States Parachute Association members who have accumulated significant levels of experience in both number of freefall skydives and amount of freefall time.
  2. USPA proudly recognizes those members.

B. Cumulative jumps and freefall time

  1. Expert Wings are awarded for freefall jumps in 1,000-jump increments.
  2. Freefall Badges are awarded for freefall time in 12-hour increments.

C. General requirements

  1. To be eligible for any of these awards a person must:
    1. have completed the required number of freefall skydives or accumulated the required amount of freefall time
    2. have made each jump being presented as qualification in compliance with the USPA BSRs
    3. be a current USPA member at the time of application for the award
    4. be the holder of a current USPA C license or its accepted foreign equivalent
    5. have no record of a BSR violation on file with USPA
    6. have met the requirements of the previous award
  2. Logging:
    1. The applicant must present logbook evidence of the required number of freefall skydives or amount of freefall time for which the award is being made.
    2. For jumps made after December 31, 1987, each jump must be listed as a separate entry and contain at least:
      1. the jump number
      2. date
      3. location
      4. exit altitude
      5. freefall length
      6. type of jump (formation skydiving, accuracy, jumpmaster, photography, etc.)
      7. signatures of witnessing jumpers or pilots (encouraged but not required)
  3. Verification of the required number of freefall skydives or freefall time and other requirements will be made by:
    1. a USPA Regional or National Director
    2. a USPA administrative officer
    3. in case of hardship or extraordinary conditions, other persons deemed acceptable to USPA Headquarters or the USPA Board of Directors
  4. The verifying official will submit to USPA Headquarters a completed application verifying that the applicant has met all requirements.
  5. Upon receipt of the completed application, USPA Headquarters will issue the award as directed by the verifying official.
  6. All awards will be issued by USPA Headquarters in the order the qualified application is received.
  7. In the case of special circumstances or hardships, waiver of these requirements and procedures may be applied for through the USPA Board of Directors.

D. Presentation

  1. Because of the particular significance of the milestone represented by the award of Expert Wings and Freefall Badges, it is in the best interest of the United States Parachute Association and the sport of skydiving that these awards be presented to the recipient with appropriate ceremony and recognition.
  2. Except when not practical, these awards should be presented by a USPA National or Regional Director, to whom the award will normally be entrusted before presentation.
  3. It is also recommended and urged that all recipients of Expert Wings and Badges be publicized as widely as possible through skydiving publications and local news media.
  4. Whenever possible, a brief report and photograph of the presentation should be emailed to communications@uspa.org or mailed to:
    5401 Southpoint Centre Blvd.
    Fredericksburg, VA 22407