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7-3 Instructions for completing FAA Form 7711-2

Parachute demonstration or exhibitions jumps conducted into aviation events, congested areas on the surface, or open-air assemblies, require an FAA Certificate of Authorization to be issued by the FAA Flight Standards District Office with jurisdiction where the jump(s) will occur. FAA Form 7711-2 — the application for that authorization ¬¬— can be found on both the FAA and USPA websites. Submit the application to the FSDO after completing the form using the following FAA instructions:

Applications for parachute jump authorizations made over or into a congested area or open-air assembly of people should be presented at least 10 working days before an event if possible to allow for processing time. Approval or denial of the application must be completed within 5 working days of receipt by the FSDO.

Item 1.
[Name of organization] The organization sponsoring the event shall retain sole responsibility for safeguarding persons and property on the surface and shall inform the [Name of issuing FSDO] Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) in writing of the person named to ensure operational safety of the event. When applicable, IIC’s should insert the name of the responsible person, found in Item 2 of the application, into the text of the special provisions to indicate the holder of the Certificate of Waiver or Authorization.

Item 2.
The responsible person must have been determined to be competent and knowledgeable concerning the terms and provisions of this Certificate of Authorization. The application may be submitted by the organizer for a sanctioned military team but must be submitted by a team member if not a sanctioned military team. This person will be responsible to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the safe conduct of the event on all authorization matters.

Item 3.
This information refers to the holder of the Certificate of Authorization listed in either Item 1 or 2. If no organization is listed in Item 1 then the information pertains to the name in Item 2.

Item 4.
N/A should be entered unless the application is for banner towing.

Item 5.
N/A should be entered unless the application is for banner towing.

Item 6.
Enter NONE.

Item 7.
Example: A four-person sky diving exhibition with flags, banners, smoke and pyrotechnics.

Item 8.
Example 1: 1.0 Nm in radius from a point 7.3 Nm on the CVG 270 degree radial from surface to 8,000 feet MS or Example 2: 1.0 Nm in radius from the center of W66 airport.

Item 9a.
The beginning date and hour of the first jump using UTC (GMT aka Zulu time) pertains to the time the jump aircraft arrives over the jump site.

Item 9b.
The date and hour the last jumper is on the ground using UTC.

Item 10.
Aircraft make and model to be used, back-up aircraft, pilot(s) name(s) certificate number(s), and home address (also include N-number of aircraft in block (a) if known).

Items 11 through 16 are not required for parachuting authorizations, however, the jumpers’ names, USPA certificate level and number (if USPA members) should be submitted either in the remarks block or on a separate sheet of paper attached.