Working for Our Members: USPA Holds Final Meeting of 2019-2021 Term
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Saturday, July 20, 2024
Working for Our Members: USPA Holds Final Meeting of 2019-2021 Term

Working for Our Members: USPA Holds Final Meeting of 2019-2021 Term

Event News
Sunday, August 29, 2021

The USPA Board of Directors held its sixth and final meeting of the 2019-2021 term in Cincinnati, Ohio, August 27-29. Once again, the board meeting was broadcast live via Zoom Webinar for any USPA members to observe. Meeting highlights include:

  • USPA adopted an instructional rating holders’ code of conduct. This code of conduct will be placed in the Instructional Rating Manual and all instructors should follow it going forward.
    • Responsibility to the Profession
      Act in a professional manner, with honesty, integrity and ethical conduct while interacting with all students, members and the general public. Exercise principles of good judgment for the safety of yourself and others. Avoid impropriety and misconduct and commit to the USPA Values Statement.

    • Responsibility for Competence
      Act as role models and embrace the concept of leadership in teaching and mentoring in all aspects of training. Ensure that all documents and records associated with the privileges of the rating are accurate, complete and submitted in a timely manner. Take responsibility to maintain and update professional skill sets, content knowledge and competency on an ongoing basis.

    • Responsibility to Students and Members
      Respect diverse traditions, heritages and experiences and reject discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religious belief or any other attribute not related to performance or merit.

    • Responsibility to Follow the Rules
      Comply with applicable BSRs, FARs, IRM content, and with timely reporting of incidents on the USPA Confidential Incident Report.

  • Recognized a $14,000 anonymous donation in support of 2021 U.S. Formation Skydiving Team members.
  • USPA will distribute a request for proposals to rewrite the SIM and IRM from entities that specialize in producing educational material.
  • Approved payment of $5,700 from U.S. Parachute Team Inc. in support of the 2021 U.S. Parachute Team members.
  • Examiners now can designate an evaluator in each training method they are rated in to help members get current after their ratings have expired.
  • Effective immediately, all logbook entries must include a legible USPA membership number, skydiving license number, or pilot certificate number.
  • A military transition proficiency card for licensing of military-trained members has been approved and will be available by the end of September.
  • Updated Group Member guidance on landing areas to provide for greater safety.
  • Approval to create a USPA National Championships registration portal.
  • Create an online version of the judge rating application form.
  • A minimum of a USPA B-License will be required to compete in the 4-way FS Beginner test event at the 2021 USPA National Championships.

The board awarded the following USPA service awards:

  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Marylou Laughlin.
  • Gold Meritorious Service Awards: Bram Clement, Joannie Murphy, and Morris Viletto.
  • Regional Achievement Awards: Benjamin T. Devine, Robert J. Goldman, Douglas Hendrix, Elizabeth Young, and Dustin J. White.

Directly next door, the Parachute Industry Association held its second regular board meeting, although the Parachute Association Industry Symposium was cancelled. Directors and staff from both USPA and PIA were able to mingle, a positive experience for both organizations. On Saturday evening, everyone gathered to celebrate former USPA Executive Director Ed Scott, former Director of Government Relations Randy Ottinger and former Director of Safety and Training Jim Crouch, who all received 2020/2021 Distinguished Leadership Awards.

A full report of the meeting will appear in the October issue of Parachutist. The board will meet next February 11-13, 2022, in Houston, Texas where the newly elected directors will be seated for the 2022-2024 term.

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