Weather Woes Can’t Dampen the Spirit of Collegiates
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Saturday, July 20, 2024
Weather Woes Can’t Dampen the Spirit of Collegiates

Weather Woes Can’t Dampen the Spirit of Collegiates

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Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Above: Isaac Schultz, who placed fifth of 39 competitors in novice sport accuracy, celebrates a good score. Photo by Ashley Lee.

After more weather challenges than USPA Controller Jim Rees could remember in his many years of involvement with the USPA National Collegiate Skydiving Championships, the event wrapped up on January 2, the very last day available for competition. The college skydivers had arrived at Skydive Arizona in Eloy on December 28 to compete, break records and make lasting lifelong memories, and low clouds and rain were not able to dampen their fun. Amanda Santiago, who worked manifest at the event, said, “The weather made things a little stressful but all of the videographers were amazing to work with and the collegiate competitors are super nice and appreciative of all the work that we put in, so that was really great!” 

The USPA Collegiates is a competition with a long and storied history. The first meet was in 1957, and it has run consecutively every year except for 2021, when COVID interrupted its streak. At this year’s event, which saw robust registrations, frequent host Skydive Arizona provided everything needed for the event to succeed: four Twin Otters, veteran judges, a highly experienced meet director, a supreme manifest team and a passion for collegiate competition! Even with crummy weather, this effort resulted in a complete meet in all categories, although some events (such as 6-way formation skydiving, which completed only one round) had to be cut short. 

Medalists at the 2022 Collegiates are:  

Sport Accuracy Masters: 

1. James Fenn 

2. Aiden Diedrich 

3. Braeden Swanson 


Sport Accuracy Intermediate: 

1. Jason Darnell 

2. Stephen Keyes 

3. Luke Palalay 


Sport Accuracy Novice: 

1. Gavin Kim 

2. Landon Coker 

3. Sudie Hall 


Team Sport Accuracy: 

1. Air Force Tiny Dancers 

2. West Point Team Brick 

3. Navy Boomers 


2-Way Open: 

1. Updog 

2. Incognito Mode 

3. Ah hah hah 


2-Way Advanced: 

1. West Point Skol 

2. West Point Turn 'n Burn 

3. West Point Vengeance 


2-Way VFS: 

1. Air Force Lamingo 

2. Air Force Dice 


4-Way Open: 

1. Air Force Night Fury 

2. Air Force Artemis 

3. Air Force Tall Boys 


4-Way Advanced: 

1. West Point Team Brick 

2. West Point Sloppy Joes 

3. Navy Tugboats 


6-Way Speed:  

1. Air Force Mom Jeans 

2. Air Force Zebulon 

3. Air Force Zartemis 

Detailed results and videos are available here:

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