USPA Issues Request for Proposal for ISP Video Update
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Friday, May 24, 2024
USPA Issues Request for Proposal for ISP Video Update

USPA Issues Request for Proposal for ISP Video Update

Industry News
Thursday, March 16, 2023

USPA recently issued a Request for Proposal in its search for a company or individual to record and edit entirely new USPA Integrated Student Program Category Dive Flow videos. The current videos, created in 2008, are linked to the Skydive School online ground school and are the most-viewed videos on the USPA YouTube channel. The new videos, which should be shot in high resolution and contain the most up-to-date content available, must cover ISPA Categories A through H and include ground prep, in-air skills (AFF only for Categories A through D) and canopy work.

USPA will award a Professional Services Agreement to the company/individual that has a history of successfully performing services on similar projects, understands the services required, takes an innovative approach and provides creative solutions. USPA will place an emphasis on relevant experience and the clarity of the information and educational content contained in sample videos.

The following estimated schedule includes dates of importance:

· March 15th, 2023: RFP issued

· March 31, 2023: questions regarding clarifications on RFP due

· April 15, 2023: draft proposal due from consultants

· April 20, 2023: consultants will receive comments from USPA to incorporate in final proposal

· April 30, 2023: final Proposals due from consultants

· May 15, 2023: consultant selection and interviews (if needed)

· October 1, 2023: complete video edits by, for review by USPA staff

· November 1, 2023: final product and edits complete

Interested parties can find the full Request for Proposal document here.

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