USPA Holding Casting Call for New Tandem Assumption of Risk Video
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Sunday, June 16, 2024
USPA Holding Casting Call for New Tandem Assumption of Risk Video

USPA Holding Casting Call for New Tandem Assumption of Risk Video

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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

USPA is holding a casting call for a new Tandem Assumption of Risk Video. We’re looking for experienced skydivers to fill key roles in its production. If you would like to try out for this role, please see the details and instructions below.

Production Title: USPA Tandem Assumption of Risk Video

Posted on: May 5, 2021

Shooting Location: TBD (Note: You will be flown to the necessary location.) 

Shooting Date: Four-day (maximum) shoot in July-August 2021 (Specific dates to be confirmed).

Compensation: Yes

Application Due Date: June 7, 2021, at 5:00 p.m. EST (Extended from June 4)


USPA is currently in the process of redeveloping the Tandem Assumption of Risk Video, originally filmed in DeLand, Florida. USPA Group Member and Foreign Affiliate drop zones will show this video to tandem students prior to when they sign the mandatory waiver form. This is an exciting opportunity for you to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the sport and to introduce the general public to the sport of skydiving.

We are currently looking for two video hosts. Both of these individuals must be experienced skydivers who are confident talking about the sport and who have a professional on-camera presence.

Host 1 (Primary Host):

This person should be confident on camera with a minimum of 500 skydives. Individual should have confident canopy skills and should be able to comfortably talk about skydiving. Individual should be approachable and enthusiastic. We encourage you to apply even if you have not been skydiving for a long period of time. All applicants welcome.

Host 2 (Tandem Instructor):

Tandem Instructor with a minimum of five years’ experience and excellent canopy skills. (You will be required to send examples.) Individual should be confident and relaxed on camera. Hand-mounted-video camera experience required.


How to Apply

To apply for either host position, please send all required materials via WeTransfer to In the message field in WeTransfer, please type: USPA Video Casting Call, Host (1 or 2), Your Name

Required materials:

  • Audition video—The video must show the applicant full length or from the waist up. Be concise: Introduce yourself, give an overview of your experience in the sport and a quick summary of why you think you would be a good fit for the role. In the second half, please present the script below for the role you are applying for. Choose a clean background and ensure proper audio.
  • Photos—One headshot and one full-length photo.
  • For Host 2 applicants only—Please send multiple outside-perspective videos showing your tandem landings and one hand-mounted-camera-perspective tandem video that at a minimum shows the exit and freefall.



Host 1 Script:  

Welcome to the drop zone! You’re about to embark on one of the most exciting adventures of your life: making your first skydive. Making a tandem jump is a popular and easy way to start skydiving. During your tandem skydive, you will be securely harnessed to a United States Parachute Association-certified instructor who will skillfully guide you every step of the way.   

Skydiving isn’t just an incredible sport, it’s a welcoming community of diverse, unique and passionate individuals. And after today’s jump, you’ll be part of our family! On behalf of our whole community, welcome to the sport of skydiving!

Host 2 (Tandem Instructor)Script: 

OK, but what if something doesn’t go as planned? Great question! The Number 1 rule is “Stay Calm.”  If there is any type of emergency in the aircraft, your job is to do your best to stay calm and focus on me. I’ll be taking directions from the pilot, and I’ll give you instructions accordingly. If there’s an emergency under canopy, stay calm! Noticing a trend? If necessary, I will release our main parachute and deploy our reserve parachute. If that occurs, I might ask you to get into your freefall arch position again.

Ready to do this? Great, let’s go have an amazing skydive! Just remember to arch during your jump, put your feet up for landing, relax and have fun!

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