Thirty-Six Members to Run for USPA Board
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Friday, May 24, 2024
Thirty-Six Members to Run for USPA Board

Thirty-Six Members to Run for USPA Board

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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

As of August 10, 2021, 36 members will appear on the ballot in the upcoming election for USPA’s Board of Directors. All 22 seats on the board are up for election, with 19 members vying for the eight USPA National Director slots and 17 members total running for USPA Regional Director in 14 different regions. The election begins October 1, when members with valid email addresses on file with USPA will receive an email to access the electronic ballot. An electronic ballot will also be accessible by logging in to your USPA membership account at and going to to vote. A paper ballot will also appear in the October issue of Parachutist as a printed page and will be available for download from the USPA website for completion and mailing. 

Regional Director Candidates
Central Chuck Crinklaw
Eastern Shauna Finley
Gulf Chuck Akers
Mid-Atlantic Chris Wagner
Mid-Atlantic Pamela Young
Mideastern Randy Allison
Mountain Ray Lallo
Mountain Christopher Nielsen
North Central Michael Wadkins
Northeast Jim Rees
Northwest Luke Aikins
Pacific Brian Naiman
Southeast Brandon Radcliff
Southern Michael Bratcher
Southern Paul Gholson
Southwest Jack Pyland
Western Joshua Hall


National Director Candidates
Jeannie Bartholomew
Matt Blank
Sherry Butcher
Randy Connell
Sean Devlin
James Hayhurst
Larry Hill
Patrick Kessler
Al King
Larry Liebler
Melissa Lowe
Michael McGowan
Jan Meyer
Mike Mullins
Alixandra Raymond
Michael Jason Russell
Ed Scott
Kristen Tebo
Yin Yu
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