Skydive Seneca Lake Brings Skydiving Back to New York’s Finger Lakes
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Monday, July 15, 2024
Skydive Seneca Lake Brings Skydiving Back to New York’s Finger Lakes

Skydive Seneca Lake Brings Skydiving Back to New York’s Finger Lakes

Industry News
Monday, July 8, 2024

Above: DZO Megan Walsh flies her canopy over Skydive Seneca Lake. Photo by Matt Jackson.

Famous for wine and waterfalls, Upstate New York’s Finger Lakes region is once again open for skydiving! The recently opened Skydive Seneca Lake, located in Ovid between Cayuga and Seneca Lakes, is the vision of owners Megan Walsh and Mike Missroon, who met in Upstate New York before traveling the United States on a skydiving journey.

Although unaffiliated, skydiving near Seneca Lake originally existed as Skydive Finger Lakes under the ownership of John Kinger, who continues to own the Ovid Airport. The founding of Skydive Seneca Lake represents a baton pass to a new generation of drop zone owners, and the drop zone already boasts a solid fun-jumper scene. Throughout 2024 and beyond, the DZ will host USPA Instructional Rating Courses to provide opportunities for Northeast jumpers to become coaches, as well as tandem and AFF instructors.

With scenic views and friendly vibes, Skydive Seneca Lake welcomes all disciplines to its facilities. Its on-site facilities include a rigging loft, climate-controlled packing, showers, cabins and spectator areas. The area is well-known across the Northeast for its proximity to the waterfalls of Watkins Glen State Park, the wine production of the Seneca Lake American Viticultural Area and summertime days of boating and cliff diving in the Finger Lakes. Jumpers can find more information at

Matt Jackson | D-42151
Melbourne, Florida

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