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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
Sky Seekers

Sky Seekers

A Parachutist Photo Essay

Friday, February 1, 2019

The country of Egypt currently has no civilian drop zones, but that didn’t stop Alia Parachuting and Air Sports Federation—an organization that helps facilitate sport-skydiving activities in the country and abroad—from putting together an amazing boogie over the pyramids of Giza December 9-11. To make the seemingly impossible happen, Alia contracted with Mohamed “Moe” el-Hawary, an Egyptian skydiver and USPA Tandem and AFF Instructor and Safety and Training Advisor, to handle the logistics. El-Hawary secured permission for the jumps and made arrangements with the local military base to use their C-130s for the event. The Sky Seekers Boogie was born!

With Amy Chmelecki and Jeff Provenzano of the Red Bull Air Force signed on as load organizers, participants enjoyed skydives almost as epic as the views. Fifty-five jumpers made five skydives each into the pyramid complex during the three-day event, often arising at 4:30 a.m. to make the first load. The Sky Seekers Boogie marked a big step forward for civilian skydiving in Egypt, and all indications are that this progress will continue. Not only is another boogie likely, but el-Hawary plans on opening Egypt’s first sport-skydiving DZ early this year.





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1 comments on article "Sky Seekers"

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2/1/2019 5:52 PM

Thank you Parachutist and USPA for the amazing article and Laszlo for the amazing shots.

The acquiring of permits was a Skyseekers group effort through the proper channels in the military, I would also like to thank the Skyseekers team, my team that made it Possible (Omar Seroory, Tarek El-Rayes, Waleed EL-Malt and General Mamdooh lasheen). Soon we will start releasing details for the next event as soon as we apply for it's clearances. Thank you.

Moe El-Hawary

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