Seychelles Becomes the Newest Skydiving Paradise
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Sunday, June 23, 2024
Seychelles Becomes the Newest Skydiving Paradise

Seychelles Becomes the Newest Skydiving Paradise

Industry News
Sunday, June 12, 2022

Above: Jumpers enjoy a hybrid above the Seycheles. Photo by Augusto Bartelle.

USPA Foreign Affiliate drop zone Fly Seychelles Skydiving Center in Praslin, Republic of Seychelles, has it all: a super-cool community, a breathtaking landscape and a great atmosphere for the friends and family of skydivers. Drop zone operators Francesco Drosi and Gabor Viczko created a DZ in the Indian Ocean island paradise (about 800 miles east of the African coast) that caters to more than just tandems. It also offers AFF courses and fun jumps, and from March 31-April 6, it held its first boogie.

The Colors of Seychelles Boogie pulled off a world-class list of load organizers, including International Skydiving Hall of Fame honorees Omar Alhegelan (2021) and Pete Allum (2022), as well as Augusto Bartelle, Greg Crozier, Karine Joly and Will Penny. In addition, Ewan Cowie and Ralph Wilhelm secured the event documentation.

Fly Seychelles currently manages the skydiving operation in conjunction with the Seychelles’ military and used the military’s Dornier 228 to drop skydivers during the boogie. (Fly Seychelles is waiting for its new plane to get approved so it can operate independently of the military.) Although the boogie-goers occasionally had to wait for the availability of the aircraft, the gorgeous view of Seychelles was worth it. For many, the adrenaline rush of skydiving over the ocean and seeing only a tiny piece of land was reminiscent of their first jumps. The boogie was packed with tremendous energy and a great vibe delivered by cheerful skydivers from all over the world. This event also catered to the families of skydivers, who enjoyed water sports and all the island has to offer.

Augusto Bartelle | D-35237
Empuriabrava, Spain

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