PIA Selects Scott and Ottinger as Leadership Award Recipients
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Saturday, July 20, 2024
PIA Selects Scott and Ottinger as Leadership Award Recipients

PIA Selects Scott and Ottinger as Leadership Award Recipients

Industry News
Thursday, June 24, 2021

Randy Ottinger (left) and Ed Scott in 2019.

The Parachute Industry Association and its Awards Committee announced on June 22 that they have chosen former USPA Executive Director Ed Scott and former USPA Director of Government Relations Randy Ottinger as recipients of PIA’s 2020 and 2021 Distinguished Leadership Awards, respectively. This award honors those “individuals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the parachute industry or the Parachute Industry Association.” 

On Scott’s selection, PIA remarked, “Ed spent 25 years with USPA, first as director of government relations and finally retiring as USPA’s executive director. Ed’s leadership over the years advanced the sport, government interaction and industry relationships. While increasing the numbers of skydivers and drop zones, he led the team that promoted safety awareness that saw a decrease in fatalities and kept government intrusion in check. In addition, Ed recognized the importance of the USPA relationship with PIA and fostered that relationship.” 

Regarding Ottinger, the association went on to say, “Randy followed Ed in the position of director of government relations and for 15 years worked with drop zones, DZOs and various government agencies to keep the skies open and affordable for skydiving operations. He skillfully navigated the interactions between state and federal government agencies and drop zones, assisting jump operations around the country. Over the last several years he presented USPA’s State of the Organization report at the PIA meetings and kept the organization apprised of any issues we might want to weigh in on.” 

PIA will present Scott and Ottinger with their awards on August 30 at the opening cocktail reception of the PIA Symposium in Cincinnati, Ohio. Those who wish to attend can find details at pia.com/events/pia-symposium/.    

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