PIA Recognizes Former USPA Director of Safety and Training Jim Crouch
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Sunday, June 16, 2024
PIA Recognizes Former USPA Director of Safety and Training Jim Crouch

PIA Recognizes Former USPA Director of Safety and Training Jim Crouch

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Monday, May 17, 2021

In a May 18 press release, Mike Beck, chair of the Parachute Industry Association Awards Committee, announced that the organization has selected former USPA Director of Safety and Training Jim Couch to receive the 2019 PIA Distinguished Leadership Award. The organization presents this prestigious award “in recognition of individuals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the parachute industry or the Parachute Industry Association.”  

In the press release, Beck stated, “For over 18 years, Jim served USPA, looking out for the safety of sport parachute jumpers throughout the world. In doing so, he has also assisted the industry side of the sport by educating the end users of the equipment on proper gear use and drop zone safety, along with jumper discipline on the ground and in the air. Through his in-person efforts and numerous articles published in Parachutist magazine, Jim has been able to reach out to the members of USPA and has been instrumental in reducing skydiving fatalities at all levels of participation. The COVID-19 pandemic prevented the PIA from presenting the award in person, but we wanted to congratulate Jim and look forward to making the presentation at the earliest possible opportunity.” 

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