Perris Organizes a Great Holiday Boogie
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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
Perris Organizes a Great Holiday Boogie

Perris Organizes a Great Holiday Boogie

by Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld

Five Minute Call
Thursday, March 1, 2018

What makes a great holiday boogie? Blue skies and perfect temperatures? A line up of all the Skyvans and Twin Otters you can use? Top-notch facilities and awesome parties? How about hundreds of skydivers from around the world and fantastic organizers of nearly every discipline, all sharing the skies, keeping it safe and having the holiday of their lives? The Party in Perridise Holiday Boogie at Skydive Perris in California had all that and much more.

Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld, Mark Brown, Christy Frikken and the Perris Organizers crew had FS skydivers of all levels performing some amazing jumps. Sebastian Alvarez, Nico Giraldo, Dave Hebert, Roberta Mancino and Nate Smith took care of the freeflyers. In addition, more than 50 experienced wingsuiters showed up for the Lightning Flight Wingsuit Rally. Organizers Regina Elwell, Chris Geiler, Katie Hansen, Scotty Bob Morgan, Val Sobol, Andrew Weiss and Taya Weiss put jumpers into groups to work on fun dive flows and build skills. The groups and organizers changed daily to keep it interesting and give everyone a chance to try new things and get to know each other.

The skydives were amazing and without incident as everyone shared the skies and enjoyed watching what all the other jumpers were doing almost as much as they enjoyed doing their own jumps. The Bombshelter Bar and Grill played videos of all the jumps, and the parties, bonfires and dancing went on until late every night.

Skydive Perris is already planning for the 2018 Party in Perridise Boogie to feature the same organizers and good times but with the addition of the Skydive Perris DC-9, which will take 80 people to altitude in four minutes … and all in first-class seating!


Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld | D-8424
Carlsbad, California

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