USPA Call to Action: Oppose ATC Privatization (Updated 10-3)
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Monday, June 17, 2024

About Government Relations

Oversight of skydiving involves multiple entities, most notably including the USPA, and the FAA.

The mission of the Federal Aviation Administration is to provide the safest, most efficient aviation system in the world. They regulate aspects of skydiving and rely on the self-regulation of the participants through the guidelines and recommendations published by USPA. The FAA's main responsibility is to provide for the safety of air traffic, as well as persons and property on the ground. The FAA does this by certificating pilots, mechanics, air traffic controllers and parachute riggers and by requiring approval data for aircraft and parachutes. The agency has the authority to impose fines and suspend or revoke certificates it has issued. In the case of a skydiving violation, the FAA can fine the pilot, rigger, jumpers, as well as suspend or revoke the certificates of pilots and riggers.

The FAA and USPA rely on self-regulation from within the skydiving community for most training and operational requirements.

Government Relations

The Government Relations Department at USPA Headquarters addresses member and group member questions regarding aircraft, airport access, the FAA, legislative issues, TSA, or security issues.

 (540) 604-9740 ext. 3320

USPA In Action

One-third of USPA's mission directly involves Government Relations, namely to ensure skydiving’s rightful place on airports and in the airspace system, which includes protecting the sport and the industry. Often, USPA In Action involves prevention of harmful action. Here is a sample of the wins USPA has for skydiving!

USPA Call to Action: Oppose ATC Privatization (Updated 10-3)

USPA Call to Action: Oppose ATC Privatization (Updated 10-3)

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


The proponents of the bad idea of stripping air traffic control from the FAA, and handing it to a new private corporation are planning to have the House vote on their bill--HR 2997--next week. All of the general aviation (GA) groups, including USPA, are opposed. If you have not called your Congressional Representative and secured their "no" vote on HR 2997, please do so now!


1. Dial toll-free: 833-GAVOICE (833-428-6423), weekdays from 9-5 Eastern.
2. You will be asked to input your zip code then transferred to your Representative's office.
3. Say: "I am opposed to ATC privatization, and my Representative should vote 'no' on HR 2997."


If you do not call, and HR 2997 passes Congress and is signed into law, here is what could happen:

The airlines and large airports will gain control of the new ATC board, outweighing GA and skydiving interests.

FAA's current "first come, first served" ATC policy will be eliminated, degrading service to skydive operators.

Decisions affecting airspace and ATC procedures will favor airline efficiency and penalize skydiving operational and airspace needs.

Drop Zones could lose airspace.

Skydive operators will incur higher costs due to increased flight times; jump ticket costs will increase.

For more information, go to

Please call! The future of skydiving, and all of GA, is at stake!


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