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Monday, July 15, 2024

March 09, 2024

In early spring, the skydiving season for much of the country is just crawling out of hibernation. Most skydivers don’t jump through the cold months as often as they do in the summer, and their skills are a bit rusty. That’s when Safety Day comes. Safety Day is typically held on the second Saturday in March; however, some drop zones hold it on alternate dates. Established in 1997 from an idea by Patti Chernis, Safety Day provides a worldwide forum at local drop zones to prepare jumpers for the year ahead. Safety Day promotes safety programs and helps inform jumpers of new developments and review important information and procedures. Activities typically include hands-on review and practice of safety procedures, seminars from skydiving operation professionals and experts, equipment evaluations and more. Most days end with a social get together. USPA encourages all jumpers of all experience levels to attend. Every drop zone should host Safety Day.

Plan For Safety Day At Your DZ

  1. Announce the Theme to Your Jumpers
    Inform your community that this year's Safety Day will focus on the "Stay Alive - Practice Five" theme, emphasizing five key areas: Rear-Riser Turns, Braked Turns, Half-Braked Flares, Reverse Turns, and Low-Turn Recovery. Highlight the importance of mastering these techniques for skydiving safety.
  2. Incentivize Attendance
    Encourage a higher turnout by offering attractive incentives such as discounted jump tickets, free food, reduced prices for reserve pack jobs, door prizes and more. Culminate the event with a celebratory gathering to reinforce community bonds.
  3. Choose a Comfortable Location
    Select a venue that comfortably accommodates lectures, training-harness drills and rig inspections. Consider options like a spacious hangar, local restaurants, school gyms, motels or veterans' lodges.
  4. Develop a Training Syllabus Around the Theme
    Prepare a training program incorporating the "Stay Alive—Practice Five" theme. Additional resources will be available by the end of February, including the 2023 Fatality Summary and related video, along with the "Stay Alive—Practice Five" PowerPoint presentation and accompanying video. Your curriculum should encompass:
    Gear Check and Review:
    Have jumpers inspect their rigs with a rigger. Check closing loops and flaps, pilot chute snugness and condition, Velcro, three-ring condition, RSL routing, AAD compliance with battery and factory check, etc.
    Skydiving Emergency Review and Drills:
    Tailor emergency drills using the five canopy skills jumpers need to practice to stay proficient.
    Canopy Flight and Landing Patterns:
    Use aerial photos to show acceptable and unacceptable outs, review hazards, establish or review landing patterns and discuss canopy handling toward preventing low-turn accidents using this year's five highlighted canopy skills.
    Aircraft Procedures and Emergencies:
    Review exit order and loading procedures, seat belt and weight-and-balance concerns, spotting procedures, visibility minimums and cloud clearances, air traffic control requirements and aircraft emergency scenarios.
  5. Engage in Public Relations
    Give recognition to attendees and contributors. Engage local media for coverage. Please take pictures and send them to Parachutist with a brief write-up on this page's form. Remember, those who don't attend might need extra attention when the season begins.
  6. Emphasize Fun and Socializing
    While focusing on safety, don't forget the fun aspect of skydiving. Plan social activities for post-event relaxation, allowing jumpers to connect and share their experiences.

Nominate A Chesley H. Judy Safety Award Recipient

Be sure to nominate a recipient for the Chesley H. Judy Safety Award as part of your Safety Day activities. Each year, the S&TA and drop zone owner selects a worthy recipient who, in the previous year through example, deed, training, or innovation, has promoted safety in a substantive way. USPA will provide at no charge a certificate suitable for framing with the name of the recipient and name of the drop zone to be presented on Safety Day. Nominations must be submitted no later than February 15.

If you are an S&TA, log in to complete the award nomination form.

Safety Day T-Shirts

$6.50 each (add $2 for XXL; $3 for XXXL) plus shipping (no quantity requirements). For orders of 12 or more shirts, drop zones can add their logos to the sleeves at $1.50 more per shirt.

Order Deadline
February 17 for events held on March 11—or at least two weeks in advance of your alternative event date. Orders received after may incur additional charges.

Lynne Smith at lsmith@uslogo.net; (316) 264-1321


Sign Up Your DZ for Safety Day!

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Downloads and Training Aids

Additional resources will be available by the end of February, including the 2023 Fatality Summary and related video, along with the "Stay Alive—Practice Five" PowerPoint presentation and accompanying video.

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