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USPAPIInstructions & Examples

Method #1

Method Name: CheckWithDOB

This method is useful if you are checking, for example, to see if a student has joined USPA and you do not know their membership number yet. 

You must supply all three of the following:

  • Exact last name
  • First initial (or first part of first name)
  • Date of birth

Sample data:


Method #2

Method Name: CheckWithMemNum

This method is useful if you are checking someone who is or has been a USPA member and you know their membership number. 

You must supply both of the following:

  • Exact last name
  • Exact USPA membership number

Sample data:


Sample Code

type: "GET",
headers:{"Authorization": "YOUR_API_KEY_GOES_HERE"},
).done(function( data ) {
/*process response*/

Fields & Sample Output

LastName (text)
FirstName (text)
MemNum (text)
ExpDate (date)
Revoked (boolean)
Suspended (boolean)
PRO (date)
Coach (date)
SLI (date)
IADI (date)
AFFI (date)
TANI (date)
CoachE (date)
SLIE (date)
IADIE (date)
AFFIE (date)
TANIE (date)
License (text)
MedicalHold (bit)
PROHP (date)




  • You can pass your key under Authorization header or 'apikey' parameter in query string, or as form data.
  • If you see that "Medical Hold" is true or equals 1, this simply means the member needs to provide USPA with updated information. It does NOT necessarily mean that the member does not hold a valid medical. No indication means that the Tandem Instructor has provided USPA with a medical that is still current according our data.
  • A member who is suspended or revoked will have that field equal true. Null or false means they are not suspended or revoked.