United States Parachute Association > Experienced Skydivers > SIM > Section 8-4


8-4: Membership Tenure Certificates

A. Tenure awards

  1. Membership tenure certificates are issued to acknowledge support of skydiving through membership in USPA for significant periods of time.
  2. USPA membership tenure certificates are issued at the completion of ten years of accumulated membership and at each five years thereafter.

B. Qualifications

  1. Computation of tenure:
    1. The ten-year certificate is issued when a full ten years of membership has been accumulated.
    2. In other words, the certificate is issued at the end of the tenth year of membership.
    3. Lapses in membership are subtracted from the total time of membership.
  2. Certificates are issued upon request either by submitting the information online through the USPA website, or by contacting the membership department at USPA Headquarters.