Talking Points / Model Letter for a Skydiver

Dear Representative,

As a licensed skydiver and user of our nation’s airspace, I am opposed to the proposal contained in HR 2997 that would create a new private corporation to take over the air traffic control function of the FAA. U.S. airspace is a natural resource that belongs to all Americans on a shared basis. All skydiving aircraft pilots are required to be in contact with ATC on every flight, but a privatized ATC system will not ensure fairness of service among all aviation users, including skydiving flights. And while skydiving takes place mainly at rural airports, bringing activity and revenues to those airports, ATC-induced delays to skydiving flights would have a dramatic negative effect on skydiving businesses, airports and the communities where they are based. I ask you to oppose the ATC privatization provision of HR 2997.

[Your Full Name]