U.S. Performance Wingsuit Team Selection Underway!


The USPA Board of Directors has adopted a selection method for the first U.S. Wingsuit Performance Team for the 2015 World Cup at Netheravon, U.K., in May. The team may include as many as 12 competitors. The first nine slots will be offered to the highest-seeded U.S. competitors drawn from the top three finishers at past Paralog Performance World Series meets (more recent competitions have greater weight than older ones):

2014 Performance Cup at Skydive Elsinore, California: 1. Travis Mickle, 2. Greg Marcinkowski, 3. Brian Caldwell
2014 Performance Cup at Skydive City Zephyrhills, Florida: Brian Caldwell, Travis Mickle, 4. Lori Butz
2013 Performance Cup at Skydive Elsinore: Brian Caldwell, 5. Simon Repton, 6. Joe Webb
2012 Performance Cup at Skydive Elsinore: 7. Scott Callantine, 8. Lawrence De Laubadere, 9. Scotty Burns

In addition, three team members will be selected from the top U.S. competitors at the upcoming March 28-29 meet in Zephyrhills. Other wingsuit competitors interested in being on the U.S. Team should send their competition histories to jhayhurst@uspa.org to be considered at the upcoming March 27-29 USPA Board meeting, where the Competition Committee will fill remaining slots. The committee will also discuss how to conduct team selection in the future and whether to hold a Wingsuit Performance National Skydiving Championships.

Please note that like World Cups in all other skydiving disciplines, USPA doesn’t offer any direct financial support. Team members are responsible for their own entry fees, travel expenses, team uniforms, etc. Already-seeded competitors wishing to compete must pay the $845 entry fee (by check or credit card) to USPA by 5 p.m. Eastern time March 26 to guarantee a slot on the team.