Champions Named at National Parachuting Championships!


National champions in style and accuracy and canopy formation received their medals Thursday, June 18, at Skydive Paraclete XP in Raeford, North Carolina. The National Parachuting Championships began Monday with the style and accuracy event. By Thursday afternoon, both style and accuracy and canopy formation had completed all rounds.

In style and accuracy, Nancy LaRiviere earned the overall female championship, beating Cheryl Stearns for the first time in their long history of competing against each other. Stearns, who recently returned to jumping after a serious bicycle accident last fall, placed first in style, but fell short to LaRiviere by one centimeter in accuracy, giving LaRiviere the accuracy gold and the overall title. For the men, Jimmy Drummond won gold in accuracy, and Anthony Mouzon took gold in style. Mario Rivera, a former Golden Knight and U.S. Team member returning after a 15-year absence from competition, combined a third in style and third in accuracy to win the overall men’s title. In team accuracy, Skydive Rick’s earned its 10th consecutive national title, retaining possession of the prestigious Thacker Cup, which was presented by Mrs. Billie Thacker.

In canopy formation 4-way rotation, Elsinore Too Wrapped Up set a national record in round three with 20 points, matching it again in round four and earning the gold. Slotswitch won gold in open 2-way sequential, and Point Break won gold in 4-way sequential, with the sequential event ending after five of eight rounds.

Complete results for style and accuracy and canopy formation are available at

The canopy piloting competition is now in full swing, starting Friday morning with the speed event. Results are available on Control Tower.

Be sure to follow all the action on Skydive-TV, broadcasting daily from Raeford, and on USPA’s Facebook page.