Canopy Piloting World Championships Completes


The 6th Fédération Aéronautique Internationale World Championships of Canopy Piloting concluded Friday, August 26, in Farnham, Canada. The meet fought with weather for a full five days, and ultimately Mother Nature had her way, with only one round of speed and one round of zone accuracy completing.

The U.S. Team brought home a total of four medals. Ian Bobo claimed the title of World Champion in the speed event, with Greg Windmiller taking silver. Cornelia Mihai of the U.A.E. earned the bronze. Curt Bartholomew of the U.S. and Eric Philippe of France are the joint World Champions in zone accuracy, with Bobo one of four joint bronze medalists. Because a full round of distance didn’t complete, no new overall world champion was named. Full results are available here.

The eight-member U.S. Team included Joe Abeln, Bartholomew, Albert Berchtold, Bobo, Thomas Dellibac, Paul Rodriguez, Matt Shull and Windmiller.