USPA Seeks U.S. Team Leaders


USPA is seeking volunteers to fill leadership roles on the U.S. Parachute Team for the upcoming World Parachuting Championships, which are all being held in North America for the first time ever! Positions are open for the team managers for artistic events and canopy formation (September 11-22 at Skydive Chicago in Ottawa, Illinois) and the team manager for wingsuit flying (November 2-8 at Skydive City Zephyrhills in Florida). Also open are the head of delegation positions, one for Chicago and one for Zephyrhills.

These positions call for volunteer leaders to raise funds and help U.S. competitors, as well as assist with details involving administration, finance and logistics, so that our athletes can focus on their performances. Candidates should have (or be willing to acquire) a working knowledge of international competition rules, an ability to work in a fast-paced environment and strong administrative skills. The ability to multi-task is very helpful. If you are interested in serving some of the finest athletes in our sport in their quest for the title of world champion, please contact USPA at or (540) 604-9740.

Canopy Piloting WPC – Parachutisme Nouvel Air, Farnham, Canada

Head of Delegation – Jolene Brzezinski

Team Manager – Justin Price

Mondial World Championships – Skydive Chicago, Ottawa, Illinois

September 11-22, 2016
Head of Delegation – vacant
Team Manager (AE) – vacant
Team Manager (CF) – vacant

Team Manager (FS) – Chuck Akers
Team Manager (S&A) – Dana Englestad
Team Manager (SP) – Randy Connell

Wingsuit Flying WPC – Skydive City Zephyrhills, FL

November 2-8, 2016
Head of Delegation – vacant

Team Manager – vacant