35 Members to Run for USPA Board


With the withdrawal of two candidates by the August 14 deadline, 35 members will appear on the ballot in the upcoming election for USPA’s Board of Directors. All 22 seats on the board are up for grabs, with 15 members vying for the eight National Director slots and 20 members running as Regional Director candidates. The election begins October 1, with a paper ballot appearing in the October issue of Parachutist. Members with valid email addresses on file with USPA will also receive an electronic ballot on October 1.


W. L. "Jay" Stokes
Jan Meyer
Charles Gittins
Michael Joseph McGowan
Kirk Verner
Bill Schmitt
Nancy Gruttman-Tyler
Mike Mullins
Larry Hill
Sherry Butcher
Thomas J. Noonan III
Richard Winstock
Scott E. Smith
Jean-Paul Vega
Dusty-Lee Johnson


Name Region
Gary Peek Central
Jeremy Herbert Struemph Central
Shauna Finley Eastern
John H. King Eastern
Randy Schroeder Eastern
Chuck Akers Gulf
D.J. Marvin Gulf
Tom Deacon Mid-Atlantic
Tony Thacker Mid-Atlantic
Randall Allison Mideastern
Chris Nunn Mideastern
John Hall Mountain
Shawn A. Hill Mountain
Ray Lallo Jr. Mountain
Michael Wadkins North Central
Alan T "Al" King Northeast
Luke Aikins Northwest
Jason Putnam Gordon Pacific
Albert J. Berchtold III Southeast
Steven Charles Helffrich Southern
Jack Pyland Southwest
Joshua Hall Western