USPA Announces Board Election Results


Results are in for the 2016-2018 USPA Board of Directors election, which concluded November 30. Below is the list of candidates for national and regional directors, along with the vote totals. Winners are indicated in bold type. The new board will take its seat at the 2016 winter meeting, February 26-28 in San Diego. A total of 6,349 members voted. A full list of all votes, including write-ins, is linked here: 2016-2018 BOD Elections - Full Results

National Director Candidates (eight winners in bold)

Name Vote Count
W. L. "Jay" Stokes 3427
Kirk Verner 2592
Michael Joseph McGowan 2342
Sherry Butcher 2295
Mike Mullins 2261
Larry Hill 2012
Jan Meyer 1980
Thomas J. Noonan III 1728
Scott E. Smith 1651
Richard Winstock 1169
Nancy Gruttman-Tyler 1130
Bill Schmitt 990
Charles W. Gittins 781
Dusty-Lee Johnson 694
Jean-Paul Vega 639

Regional Directors (winners in bold)

Region Name Vote Count
Central Gary Peek 288
Jeremy Herbert Streumph 215
Eastern Shauna Finley 341
John King 274
Gulf Chuck Akers 339
DJ Marvin 284
Mid-Atlantic Tony Thacker 308
Tom Deacon 303
Mid-Eastern Chris Nunn 297
Randall Allison 197
Mountain Shawn A Hill 220
Ray Lallo, Jr 210
North Central Michael Wadkins 223
Northeast Alan T. "Al" King 270
Northwest Luke Aikins 302
Pacific Jason Putnam Gordon 213
Southeast Albert J Berchtold III 428
Southern Steve Helffrich 169
Southwest Jack Pyland 182
Western Joshua Hall 362