USPA Wingsuit Flying Nationals Completes at Chicagoland!


The first-ever USPA National Championships of Wingsuit Flying wrapped up Sunday, October 4, at Chicagoland Skydiving Center in Rochelle, Illinois. Travis Mickle is the new national champion of performance flying, and his acrobatic team, Wicked Wingsuits, with teammates Simon Repton and Chase Wheeler, is the first acrobatic national champion.

After fighting first clouds and then wind for most of the week, the meet managed to complete all eight rounds of the acrobatic event and six of nine jumps in the performance event. The acrobatic event involves teams of two performers and a camera flyer performing a series of maneuvers in both compulsory and free routines. In the performance event, individual wingsuiters try for the highest scores in three tasks—speed, time and distance—using electronic data recorders to record their flights.

The acrobatic event included five teams. The team from Dubai, U.A.E., had the highest score but couldn’t earn a medal since they competed as a guest team. The gold went to Wicked Wingsuits, with O3 in second and Flat Spin in third. Full acrobatic scores are available on the OmniSkore! website.

The performance event had 32 open competitors and three intermediate competitors. Behind Mickle in open was Noah Bahnson in second, representing the U.A.E. The silver went to Chris Geller and the bronze to Scott Callantine. Alexey Galda took the top spot in intermediate. Full scores are available on the Paralog website.

Chicagoland Skydiving Center proved to be a superb host. This was the DZ’s first time hosting a USPA Nationals, and CSC did an excellent job after the USPA Board selected the DZ to host the event only two months prior.

Look for a complete report on the event in the December Parachutist.